Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Weekend

Cameron ran the Tri in the Pines triathlon this weekend and we went out to cheer him on.

He came in 2nd in his age group, about 6 minutes ahead of the next guy. He would like to have finished faster but we all thought he did great.

The firemen let Tyce and Haylee play in their ATV while they waited for Cameron to cross the finish line.

This little pricess is always all about the fashion. Here she is looking cool in her shades.

These two were inseperable all weekend. They are best buddies.

Didn't get many pictures of Teegan aka "Lunch Box" this weekend cuz he's still tool little to get out much. We had a blast with all the kids and they love seeing each other and playing together. My parents are here from Texas and they got to see all of their great grandkids so that was a lot of fun for them. Next up is Teegan's blessing.