Friday, January 9, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Well things have definetly quieted down around our house. Becky and the kids are back in Alaska and Matt is somewhere between here an Iraq. I am taking classes at University of Phoenix to complete my bachelors degree. I found out that my sister Becky is also taking the same classes but is a few weeks ahead of me. Great minds think alike I guess.

If I don't learn anything else this first semester, I will learn time management. I have assignments almost everyday of the week. I only have to sign in to class 3 days a week so I can work ahead which I am trying to do in case I have internet problems or a power failure. So far I am staying on top of it and I am actually enjoying it.

One of my first assignments was to write a paper on an author that I felt a rapport with and one that I didn't feel a rapport with. What!? Wouldn't that require reading books? I don't think Motor Trend magazine qualifies either. They're talking about books with no pictures. I knew I was in trouble. I did remember a couple of real books I had read during my 10 years of junior college and managed to fake it pretty good.

We have been blessed as far as work goes. We have been steady, not busy, but we have enough to sustain us. We locked in our own mortgage at 4.75%. The last time rates were this low, I was 2 months out on appraisals. Right now we are only 1 week out. Crazy.

Not much else going on. Until next time...