Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fun Thanksgiving with our kids and grandkids. We'll start off with Tyce toddling around with his sippy.

Princess Haylee loves to push around her toy. When she gets to a wall, she looks back as if to say "Hey! A little help here!"

Ya gotta love the tubby pictures! This will be great blackmale material when they become teenagers!

The house is great for big parties. We had two big tables set up with room spare.

Grandpa's got Cheerios!

Some of Penny's family that she hadn't seen in a long time stopped by and surprised her.

Here are the cooks wearing the aprons that Grandma Rainey gave them for Christmas. Lookin' pretty hot ladies!

Meanwhile, Tyce and Haylee, who are best buddies were checking out some toys and having fun.

Back in the big tub before we get our jammies on and call it a night!
As you can see, our family has a lot to be thankfull for. We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and we hope to see you soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Time to Move In

This is how we look now. The first pic is the master bath vanity. I tiled the countertop myself and it actually turned out pretty good! We really like the mirrors we found at Lowes. They are alot cheaper than a big mirror across the wall and I think they look better.

Here is our kitchen - it turned out really nice. Once we got the construction dust off the floor (thanks Jill) it really looks good. We are very happy with the color we chose.

Kind of a weird shot of the front door, some kitchen and the laundry room door.
This is the other end of the great room looking toward the fireplace. The den / office is to the left and the door to the master bedroom is next to the fireplace. My friend Chris Skousen helped me hang interior doors and then Kendall, Cameron and I installed the trim. Gotta get the phone moved, satellite installed and move in.