Thursday, September 18, 2008

29 Wonderfull Years

Penny is out for a couple of hours so I want to take this opportunity to wish her a happy 29th anniversary. It was actually on Monday the 15th. I am greatly blessed to have Penny as my wife. When we started dating, I could tell right away that she had big heart and it didn't take long before I knew that this was the girl I wanted to be my wife. Penny has kind of a natural sweetness about her that comes across to everyone she meets. It always amazes me how people are drawn to Penny and will pour out their soul to her. She is literally the most compassionate person I know and when people confide in her they know that she really does care about them. Penny has had to overcome alot of adversity over the years. Some serious health issues and some stressfull economic times only worked to bring us closer together. Our kids have been a great blessing in our lives and our greatest source of enjoyment. Penny was born to be a mother. She was a natural and as a result of her example, we have two of the greatest kids any parent could want. Now we have been blessed with two of the most beautifull grandchildren in the world. Both of them love their grandma and to say she loves them is an understatement. Three years ago we almost lost Penny. A tear in one of her carotid arteries caused a 95% blockage which caused her to have a major stroke. Through the power of prayer, priesthood blessings and her own faith, she pulled through without any paralysis, memory loss or any of the affects you would expect from a stroke. I can't imagine how I could have survived losing her. After 29 years I still love Penny more and more every day. I hope I can always be the kind of husband she deserves and I look forward to the next 29. I love ya babe!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Little Helper

I had a little helper today at the house. Tyce followed me around and babbled all day. Here we are taking a little lunch break. We have a little pile of sand that the bath tub will sit on and he sat and played in it for about an hour. He had alot more fun today than I did!